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There is a vast variety of rental properties that can be found in Turkey, especially in cities, at very affordable prices. They can be rented completely unfurnished or barely furnished, meaning they have sinks and basic appliances installed. Turkish real estate agencies are also available to provide limited assistance in securing a suitable rental property, for a commission equal to only one month's rent.


Monthly rent in the cities can average around 600 Turkish liras a month, but in some rural areas places can be rented much more cheaply, for as little as 75 Turkish liras a month. There is student housing available for those going to school in Turkey, such as a dormitory room costing only 45 Turkish liras a month. Both the landlord and the tenants must put their signatures on the tenancy agreement, which should specify the monthly rate and the currency that it is to be paid in. Not all tenancy agreements specify the length of the occupancy, rather, they leave it indefinite.


Landlords in Turkey have the right to evict their tenants after two months unpaid rent, and immediately if the landlord decides to move into the location himself. If he sells his rental property, the new owner may evict the tenants after providing notice.

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