Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Turkey

Turkey’s healthcare facilities are improving fast with the urbanization of the country, and the mortality rate is lowering in line with this to the point that Turkey has a minimal 18 deaths per 1000 residents within a year, an average number. However, it is important to keep in mind that without travel insurance multi trip in Turkey you may not have access to the best hospitals when needed, so make your preparations accordingly.Travel multi trip cover is a specific type of health insurance plan which may insure you during the course of many trips without needing to purchase individual cover for them individually. Combining travel multi trip cover can save you a lot of money in comparison to getting all on their own, so request contact from our insurance selected partners on this page to request a quote on your most fitting plan.


International Medical Group is an undeniable specialist in providing multi-trip travel insurance to countless clients in Turkey and around the globe. For more than two decades, IMG's dedicated employees have worked with zeal to deliver high-value products with utmost efficiency and sincere concern for clients.

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For expats in Turkey, MultiNational Underwriters offers Atlas Professional, a comprehensive policy that provides coverage to people who travel several times over the span of a year. MNU is a premier international insurer that secures at least 3 million clients worldwide each year. The company is also a household name for the international communities of at least 130 countries today.

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