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Working abroad though filled with many ‘what ifs’ and uncertainties, should not mean that you always have to be worried. Aside from staying safe, the most efficient way for you to have peace of mind is by getting insurance.

It is a very vital factor in every expat's life since it will not just protect your health and properties but your finances as well. By having insurance, you can start facing the future head on with the confidence that you are well protected while in Dubai. Here, we will show you how you to get and utilise insurance so that you can live the time of your life in one of the best cities in the Emirates.

Importance of Insurance

It is beyond doubt the Dubai’s tall skyscrapers, and highly modernised infrastructures will attract any expat. But the city’s constant development also imposes health risks because of dust that comes off from the construction sites. It can cause severe respiratory problems especially to those living in the city centre. Another threat to new comers is Dubai’s hot climate. Expats who are still adjusting to the environment are prone to severe rashes, heat exhaustion and sun stroke.

Dubai has one of the most excellent and quality health services in the world which means that you won't have any major issues when it comes to getting medical services. However, private hospitals can be costly so it is best for you to have health insurance that’ll cover your primary and emergency needs without hurting your finances.

Getting Private Insurance

Dubai has a thriving insurance market and expats moving here will be glad to know that they have more than enough choices. Before calling any private insurers, ask your employer first regarding your health insurance as part of your relocation contract to Dubai. You can also check some of the multinational and local insurance providers in the city to get other kinds of plans. There are also local companies such as Dubai National Insurance & Reinsurance who offers a broad range of life and non-life insurance products.

If you are relocating with your dependents and they are not covered by your basic health insurance, you can ask the HR office if they can give you any referrals. You can also talk to fellow expats who have been in the city for a longer period regarding their insurance providers. At the end of the day, make sure that the company you will sign a contract with has accreditation from the Dubai Financial Services Authority. Their license from DFSA will prove the legitimacy of their business. 

Local Insurance in Dubai

Dubai is known to be the 22nd most expensive places on earth and the most prosperous in the Middle East where the local insurance industry significantly contributes to the city’s dynamic economy. The Dubai International Financial Centre is also the headquarters of the top 10 international insurance/reinsurance companies and some of the world’s leading brokers such as JLT, Marsh and Guy Carpenter. Currently, there is 68 insurance related businesses in DIFC where 52 are accredited by the Dubai Financial Services Authority.

After being implemented in Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, mandatory health insurance is now in Dubai. All employers are required by law to provide health insurance to their employees whether locals or expats. The Dubai Health Authority or DHA also linked the compulsory health insurance scheme to the visa application. First time and renewal applications will only be processed upon the presentation of a medical certificate from the insurance company stating that the holder has health coverage. You can get this certificate from your employer or private provider free of charge.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Dubai has no shortage when it comes to giving options on how and where you can get your insurance. There are many multinational and equally competitive local companies that you can choose from. The huge difference between the two is international insurance can give you and your assets coverage or protection anywhere you are; a feature that is seldom available from national companies.



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