Health Risks in Dubai



Even with a reputation for luxury and excellent services, Dubai is not without its fair share of health risks. Learn more about it below.

As in any country, an expat's biggest adjustment would normally be to the country's weather. Dubai's climate is hot and dry so that you may be at risk for skin diseases. Take note that even just a simple sunburn can ruin an otherwise perfect day.

Common Health Risks

Heat stroke cases are also highly prevalent in Dubai because of the scorching temperatures, especially in the summer.

Viral Hepatitis B and HIV/Aids are also amongst the top ten killer diseases of the country. The radical change in Dubai's lifestyle and the increasing population may have increased the risk for these kinds of diseases.

Pulmonary diseases such as tuberculosis are also a health problem in the country. Pulmonary infections are caused by different factors; the weather and the working environment may also be contributing factors to the spread of these infections.

Treatment and medication for the above diseases may be costly, so it is best that you check if your private health insurance in Dubai can cover them.

Alcoholism and depression caused by loneliness are common problems while respiratory problems among expatriates could be caused by excessive sand and dust due to the weather conditions and increase in construction activities. Dehydration and sun strokes due to long hours of physical exertion in the outdoors in summer can both prove to be fatal conditions if not treated properly. The winter months from October-March bring good weather that is one reason most people in Dubai are happier than those living in cold countries.

In recent years, Dubai is one of the cities to be hit with the MERS (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome) virus, a severe acute respiratory illness with 3 to 4 fatalities out of 10 patients. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention has released a travel advisory for the Arabian Peninsula, including Dubai. The Arabian Peninsula has been named the heart of the MERS virus with all cases linked to travel or residence in countries near and in the Arabian Peninsula. 

Dubai has one of the best healthcare providers in the world, so expats wouldn't have to fret about getting the appropriate medical care. However, it can be quite expensive. Getting an international health insurance policy in Dubai may also be a good idea.