Pet Import Regulations in the UAE



While it may be possible to bring your pets with you to the UAE, you have to inquire initially about the possibility of keeping one in wherever you may be staying. Some rented accommodations are strict with regards to keeping pets in the house.

An import permit must be obtained, and the paperwork trail must include official documentation from your veterinarian indicating vaccination against rabies within thirty days to a year's prior to arrival.

Relocating Pets  

Vaccination has to be done annually and can be carried out subsequently for AED50 in the municipality (may cost more in private vet clinics). Your pet is given a red identification disk from the Dubai municipality, to wear all the time. This will distinguish them from being a stray and will keep them away from authorities.

If your beloved pet is a pooch, it is recommended that they get vaccinated against distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis and parvovirus as well. Cats are to get additional shots for cat flu and panleukopenia.

A health certificate issued by the home government is also necessary. You must have had your pet microchipped as well. Breeds deemed dangerous and vicious, like the Mastiffs, Pitbulls and crossbreeds of these two are banned in the UAE. 

Animals brought into the UAE without the proper documents will be held until those documents are obtained. Your pet's travel box or container must meet International Air Transport Authority guidelines.



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