Vaccinations in Dubai



Although Dubai is generally a healthy country and even has the most exceptional healthcare services to offer, potential expatriates to the country are still advised to stay up to date with their immunisations before their arrival in Dubai.

This is especially the case for children, as they are more susceptible to illnesses. You may consult your family doctor or the child's paediatrician to ensure that all the necessary routine vaccines such as tetanus, diphtheria, polio, measles, and mumps have been provided before your travel schedule. 

Recommended Vaccinations

Vaccinations against pulmonary infections like asthma and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) are also recommended. In the past decade, with the combination of the hot and sandy desert environment and the booming construction projects, Dubai has seen (and felt) an increase in illnesses related to the respiratory system.

If you are to be working in an environment that exposes you to such, then make sure that you receive the recommended precautionary vaccinations. The WHO (World Health Organization) has also recommended getting a vaccination against tuberculosis, as there is quite a significant increase of TB cases in Dubai as well.

Travellers and expatriates alike are also recommended to have both Typhoid and Hepatitis A vaccinations. The latter much so because this illness is transmitted through food and water.

Although Hepatitis A can also be prevented by steering clear of restaurants with questionable sanitation practices, you can never be too sure. This is where having yourself vaccinated against the disease would be very helpful.

The vaccines mentioned above are not necessarily required to enter Dubai but is mostly recommended to ensure that you get to enjoy the travel or expatriate experience to the fullest. Getting an international health insurance plan for coverage while you're living in Dubai is also the best for maintaining and good health in the city.