Multi Trip Travel Insurance in United Arab Emirates

If your work or business requires you to depart from the United Arab Emirates several times in a year, it is best to consider purchasing multi-trip insurance. Considering that the UAE has a diverse economy that has the distinction of being is one of the world's fastest-growing destinations for business tourism, expats who deal with corporate visits to and from the UAE ought to consider getting multi-trip insurance. 

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When it comes to multi-trip travel insurance for their overseas travels, expats in the UAE and around the world can trust International Medical Group. At the center of IMG’s operations, besides its quality products, are globally competitive customer service professionals who make it possible for millions of clients to experience real benefits that the company is known to offer.

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When seeking a one-off protection during their travels, UAE expats can trust MultiNational Underwriters' Atlas Professional. This policy provides comprehensive security for those who have to travel more than once within a twelve-month period and comes with competitive features such as online policy checking, cover level adjustments and interactions with customer care specialists. The company is also accessible 24 hours a day on all days of the year.

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