Allergies in Ukraine



Seasonal allergies affect sensitive children and adults. Allergies can be caused  by pollens, molds, and dust. Symptoms are runny nose, fever, itchy and red eyes, sneezing, cough and colds.

Mold allergy and dust allergy can cause the same symptoms. Allergies can be managed if the allergens can be pinpointed by the doctor. That way, he can find a specific course of action. It can be helpful for expats to obtain international health insurance, which not only can cover allergies but it can be useful given the risky situation that the country is in.  

It is best to wear a mask and shades if you have to go outdoors during the pollen season. As much as possible, expats will need to stay indoors between the hours of 5 am to 10 am, a time when the pollen count is highest. Make sure that you have ample supply of antihistamines, and avoid plants and trees that trigger allergies.

Allergies can give way to complications, particularly for children and adults whose immune systems are weak. If symptoms continue for after two weeks or develop into difficulty in breathing, wheezing, and prolonged coughs and colds, it is time to see your doctor. Expats will need to keep in mind that some medical services may be unavailable as some areas in the country have reduced access to healthcare services.  

Your international health insurance in Ukraine should cover treatments for allergies. For emergencies, private health insurance in Ukraine can give you access to private clinics and hospitals that can give you quality, reliable and immediate treatment during a severe allergic attack. International and private health insurance is also useful for expats given the delicate situation that Ukraine is in at the moment. Tensions with Russia have led to bombings and other attacks that make private and international health insurance a necessity for expats living in the country.