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Those who are looking for a new kind of lifestyle should consider living in Ukraine; it has a low cost of living compared to other EU countries.

Real Estate in Ukraine - Buying a Property

In February 2009, property prices in Kiev declined by 23% from August 2008's price of US$4,227 per square meter to USD$3,260 per square meter.Foreign nationals can purchase real estate properties in Ukraine, except non-privatized property and agricultural land. Ukrainian law also permits foreigners to use their purchased properties for commercial purposes.

The requirements for sale agreements are a valid passport and a local tax identification number which can be obtained via the local tax administration office. Presently, Ukraine is going through a crisis caused by tensions with Russia, and this has led to protests, bombings and an increase in the amount of armed men. Expats who are still interested in obtaining real estate are advised to consult with credible real estate agents or agencies and a good local lawyer. 

Renting a Property  

In Kiev, renting an unfurnished two-bedroom apartment costs UAH6,000 (approximately USD$751) while furnished apartments cost UAH10,000 (approximately USD$1,253). A furnished two-bedroom apartment costs UAH20,000 (approximately USD$2,506). A shared apartment is a good idea for single expats as it costs UAH 2,500 (approximately USD$313). 

Landlords usually ask for two months deposit upon the signing of a contract but it can be flexible depending on the agreement. 

Monthly Utilities  

An internet connection through dial up costs approximately USD$0.50 to USD$1.00 per hour. The speed will depend on the quality of the telephone line. In the big cities, there are numerous cyber cafes that provide an internet connection ranging from USD$1.00 to USD$2.00 per hour. Internet accessed through mobile phones may cost USD$1.00 per MB, whereas you can buy a device to hook up a laptop through mobile internet. 

As of 2007, the average monthly electricity for a 100 square meter apartment in Horodok costs UAH35.00 (approximately USD$4.00). Having a telephone line can cost UAH25.00 (approximately USD$3.00).

You can buy a low cost mobile phone for UAH500.00 (USD $62.66).

Food Consumption  

Dining out is relatively cheap. In Kiev, eating in a fast food restaurant will cost UAH30.00 (USD$3.76) and a three-course meal in a restaurant costs UAH200.00 (USD$25.06). When eating out in a restaurant, a 5% service charge will be included in the bill. Although it is not required, a 10% tip is often given. 

Basic food items are very affordable: a liter of milk costs UAH4.00 (USD$0.50), twelve large eggs cost UAH7.00 (USD$0.88), a kilogram loaf of white bread costs UAH3.00 (USD$0.38), 125 grams of instant coffee costs UAH20.00 (USD $2.51) and a pack of 25 teabags costs UAH15.00 (USD $1.88). 

Alcohol is quite inexpensive and easily accessible. A local can of beer costs UAH3.00 (USD$0.38) while imported beer costs UAH15.00 (USD$1.88). Scotch or whisky costs UAH250.00 (USD$31.33).


Ukraine has awesome shopping centers that offer endless choices of branded clothes, handmade arts, crafts, woodwork and paintings. The price of clothing varies depending on the brand. The average price for a pair of jeans is UAH350.00 (USD $43.86). Expats may find it a challenge to shop in city centers due to the increase of armed men in the areas, but shopping centers can still be open to serve customers. 

Although foreigners are not expected to bring gifts when invited to a Ukrainian home, it is polite to bring a token gift like a bottle of fine wine which costs UAH70.00 (USD$8.77). 


Bus fare is affordable for even those living on a budget. A three-kilometer ride in the city costs UAH2.00 (USD $0.25). Taking a cab or taxi costs UAH2.50 ($0.31) per kilometer. Expats are advised to be cautious when getting around the city, as the protests and bombings around the area has made it difficult for many people to get around safely.


Ukrainian value added tax is a standard rate of 20%.



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