Emergency Numbers in Ukraine



Last updated: February 2024

Given that the country is going through a period of political unrest, expats may want to obtain more information on emergency numbers in Ukraine in case the unexpected happens. 112 is an emergency number used in Ukraine and throughout the European Union. It's the general hotline number that can connect you to the fire brigade, police department, or ambulance service. If you need emergency help, just dial 112.

Operators can speak in English as well as other languages used in Europe such as German, Russian, Croatian, Hungarian and other European languages.

You can dial 112 from a cellphone even without a SIM card. A 24-hour call center is on 24-hour shifts ready to take emergency calls and route it to the appropriate department. This universal number can also work with national numbers in a specific country, like the emergency numbers in Ukraine. These are 3-digit emergency numbers like 101 for fire, 102 for police, and 103 for ambulance services. It would help if you can learn a little Russian or Ukrainian for emergency purposes.

The 112 hotline was developed to avoid confusion in using several emergency numbers like 101 for fire,103 for police or 103 for ambulance services, although these numbers are still working. Other emergency numbers include 104 for gas emergencies, 057 for water and electrical emergencies, and 086 for an elevator. Other useful 3-digit numbers are Doctor's advice -083 and Pharmacy infoline -067. Expats will need to note that some medical services may not be available in areas such as Donetsk and Luhansk as well. Having international health insurance can be very helpful for expats who are living in dangerous zones in the country, as it can cover any medical needs as well as provide emergency evacuation services.

The emergency numbers 101 for fire, 102 for police, and 103 for ambulance services are incorporated in Ukrainian SIM cards. Expats are advised to keep these numbers on record in case any dangerous situations occur.



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