Essential Employment Paperwork in Ukraine



Despite the alarming increase in the unemployment rate in Ukraine, it still has the lowest level of unemployment compared to other EU countries according to the State Employment Service Statistics. Foreign nationals are welcome to work in this country as long as they have all the correct legal documents for employment purposes. 

Effective May 2009, companies based in Ukraine may employ foreign nationals as long as they obtain a work permit. The employer must prove that a Ukrainian national cannot do the job being offered to a foreigner. Work Permits allow non-residents to legally stay and work in Ukraine for more than 90 days or three months. However, this country is currently going through a period of unrest, where bombings and protests can make obtaining work a challenge. 

Work Permit 

By replacing the procedure adopted in 1999, obtaining a work permit in Ukraine is now more complicated. Furthermore, the application is filed at the State Employment Centre that works under the regulation of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. Application fees have also increased and are now more costly (from US21.00 to US300.00). 

Work Permits for Ukraine are initially issued with a maximum validity of one year and can be renewed for another 12 months. Intra-company cessionaries or foreign nationals assigned to work in a Ukraine branch of their employer are eligible for a work permit that is valid for three years and can be renewed for another two years. The Work Permit Commission of the State Employment Centre is the one responsible for approving or declining employers’ applications. Some of the documents that must be submitted to the Commission are: 

  • Copy of the expatriate’s passport data page
  • Copy of the expatriate’s academic and professional/work qualifications and/or certifications
  • Copy of the Employment Contract draft (certified by the employer)
  • Evidence confirming that the job position for which the work permit will be granted does not require Ukranian Citizenship and the foreign national will not denied access to state secrets. (the document must be affixed with the employer’s signature and official seal) 

For more up to date immigration procedures and requirements, expats can visit the nearest Ukraine Consulate/Embassy or visit the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.