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Last updated: February 2024

Exercise caution while in Ukraine, as ongoing conflicts in certain areas may impact safety and access to essential services.

As soon as you start planning your finances and how to manage it, one important factor that you should include is insurance. Here are some of the most important facts that you need to know about how you can protect yourself and your assets while living in Ukraine.

Getting Insurance

The most basic type of insurance that expats have is health coverage. Given your new job or new employer, it is important that you check the level of benefits that your relocation package or simply local hiring will offer. Go into details with your HR or hiring manager such as to understand the full cover of your benefits.

There are also other companies in the country where you can get various types of insurance products. When choosing a company, make sure that it is accredited by the National Bank of Ukraine, a competent state body that expats can contact in case their insurance provider makes sudden changes or is not complying with the agreement in their policies.

Aside from health insurance, expats can also get coverage while travelling or for their other belongings such as home and car. You will find many international and local companies in Ukraine that offer these types of coverage. One of the leading local insurance providers in the country is ASKA Ukrainian Insurance Closed Joint Stock Company who offers a broad range of both life and non-life policies. You can also get insurance from AXA Insurance, which is a known provider of financial and health protection for expats in different parts of the globe.

Expats can get the free online quotation from the websites of these companies.

Importance of Insurance

One of the primary benefits of having insurance is what is referred to as ‘risk transfer’ wherein you can transfer potential financial risks from yourself to the insurance company. With this, you can focus yourself on other important things without the worries of loosing a huge amount of your finances in an emergency situation. A good example of this is damage to property such as your home. There are certain repairs and renovations that can cost you a huge sum of money if you are not covered. Having insurance can aid you greatly in this situation without sacrificing your savings.

Local Insurance in Ukraine

Currently, 442 companies make up the Ukrainian insurance sector. The non-life insurers, property and motor insurance to be particular, are considered to be the major role players in the country’s economic growth while the life insurance companies are still in the process of developing. Another key regulator is the National Commission for Regulation of Financial Services Markets of Ukraine, whose role is to license and supervise the operations of all insurance providers in the country.

3rd party liability insurance is mandatory for all vehicle owners and drivers in Ukraine. According to the Law of Ukraine ‘On Compulsory Insurance of Land-Based Vehicle Owners Liability’, insurance should cover damages to life, health and property of a third party caused by the insured individual/car. It is best that you get this type of policy from a local company since they have a wider understanding and knowledge about the local traffic laws or procedures that entail any vehicle-related accidents.

Just recently, President Viktor Yushchenko of Ukraine has signed a law that aims to implement a national health insurance to all citizens and permanent residents in Ukraine. However, expats are still strongly advised to get private or international health insurance that can cover them anywhere they are. These products are also in the market to cater to the specific needs of foreign workers abroad which mean that they can give you an insurance product that will fit your needs and lifestyle abroad.



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