Vaccinations in Ukraine



Although Ukraine is going through a period of civil unrest and has an increase of bombings and armed men, expats visiting the country may want to obtain protection in other ways that involve getting vaccinated. It is highly recommended to see your travel health doctor 4 to 8 weeks prior to departure for Ukraine. This time frame will allow the body to produce enough antibodies to a certain disease. Even if it is less than 4 to 8 weeks, make sure that you visit your doctor so you can still take the recommended vaccine shots.

You should get shots of the Tetanus-diphtheria vaccine if you did not have one for the last ten years. A measles outbreak occurred in 2006, so remember to have the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine. Be protected with Typhoid vaccines, as the typhoid disease can sometimes be spread by contaminated food. 

A rabies vaccine is highly recommended for those who will be working near animals or those who will visit forested areas. In addition to that, if your work or hobby takes you trekking the forests of Ukraine, protect yourself from tick-borne encephalitis by spraying insect repellents on your clothes and skin, or have a tick-borne encephalitis vaccine. As Ukraine is going through a period of unrest and violence, expats are advised to take note of the various travel warnings that embassies announce.