Visiting the Doctor in Ukraine



To be ill is bad enough, but to fall ill in a foreign country can be a nerve-wracking experience if you are not prepared .

Emergency services in Ukraine may be challenging to come across, as areas such as Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk have armed men and violent demonstrations that make it challenging to receive aid. First and foremost, know what number to call in Ukraine if you have an emergency. In case of medical emergency, dial 103 for first aid or ambulance services.

Before leaving your home country, it is best to secure international health insurance in Ukraine so you can easily gain access to private medical services. It is highly recommended for an expat to go to a private doctor in a private hospital to ensure quality medical treatment. Doctors in Ukraine, especially those in private practice, are well-trained and generally can speak English. Considering that the

State-run hospitals in Ukraine are crowded, understaffed, and sub-standard. If you insist on quality health care at par with western standards, opt for private health care in private hospitals.

Compared to prices in Western Europe and the US, visiting a doctor in Ukraine costs less. A doctor's consultation fee in Ukraine is roughly $19 as of 2010.Nevertheless, it is still an option for expats to avail of public health service. The State's health coverage includes treatment by specialists, basic emergency services, pregnancy and childbirth and rehabilitation.

Do not forget to bring cash with you even if you have private health insurance in Ukraine. Most doctors and hospitals ask for cash, so just ask for a receipt so you can receive reimbursements from your health insurance carrier.Falling ill is something unexpected, and the best way to protect yourself is not only arming yourself with a good health insurance package but also knowing where to go and who to call. Given that Ukraine is

The best protection is being conscious of your health. Complete your vaccinations before traveling to Ukraine, maintain good nutrition and exercise, and get enough rest while in the country.