Serviced Apartments in Ukraine

Expats looking for serviced apartments in Ukraine can expect unusually high rates after an increase of 28.9% in 2012 from a year earlier. This development is most significantly felt in the capital city of Kiev, although the rise in apartment costs is still below the 30% peak increase that was noted during the housing boom in 2008.  Expats are advised to choose a location carefully when renting out a serviced apartment, as Ukraine is going through various conflicts that have led to bombings, protests and other dangerous activities.

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Senator Apartments Maidan

Being placed only a few steps from the Independence Square in Kiev, Senator Apartments Maidan offer hospitality and the chance to meet Ukrainian capital thoroughly. Apart from being able to go shopping and sightseeing, you will also have the opportunity to see the true soul of the city.

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Senator Apartments Executive Court

If you want to spend and enjoy some time in an architecturally beautiful building in the center if Kiev and to have all the luxury, then Senator Apartments Executive Court is the right selection. The place brings a whiff of old times that collide with the modern era.

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Senator Apartments City Center

You don't get a chance to stay in a 19th-century mansion every day but if you remain in Senator Apartments City Center that may become reality. You will have everything you might need to have the time of your life while visiting Kiev. So make a reservation now!

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Basseynaya street 9

If you plan to visit Kiev and meet the soul of the city, then renting an apartment in Basseynaya Street will significantly contribute your goal. The apartment exudes homelike atmosphere and hospitality along with magnificence of wonderfully designed interior. Explore Kiev while feeling the luxury of the city.

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Odessa used to be home to many Russian Tsars and other royal members, so there is no doubt about its level of exclusivity. The Yacht Gulf Stream Apartment will be the best place for you to feel how the nobles used to live. Check it out yourself now!

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