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Expats relocating to the UK have the choice to enroll their children in international or independent schools which may cater to the educational requirements of their home country, or to enroll them in traditional schools.

These schools' curricula are specifically designed to suit the special needs of expat children and, at the same time, make sure quality of education is never compromised.

Among the most outstanding international schools in the UK are the International Community School or ICS, The American School in London, and Oxford International College in Oxford. These types of schools are may be more suitable for expat children as they adjust to a different culture and environment. 

On the other hand, fun is not something these children are going to miss in the UK. In fact, the country could be a haven for these little ones' hunger for excitement. From arcade gaming to cooking to hiking, everyone is bound to have a good time. The Crystal Palace Park in London is fantastic for outdoor-loving kids, the Kitchen Academy in East Sussex will bring out the chef in them, and, for gaming aficionados, Namco stations are going to be just right. 

Indeed, there is no dull moment for expat children in the UK, whether they're studying or enjoying themselves in the great reserve of recreational facilities. 


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