Applying for a Visa in the UK



Applying for a VISA can be a piece of cake, especially when you have all the requirements lined up throughout the process. The UK, in particular, is a country that’s not an exception when it comes to strictness. It can be expected that applying for a VISA in this country can be timely, costly, and be quite procedural.

First, a person applying for a VISA in the UK should have a passport, and do take note of the damages that your passport may have, simply because this delays the processing of your application. You’ll also need a 2”x2” colour photograph taken within the last six (6) months.

Also, you’ll need evidence of your status in the United Kingdom, if you’re not a UK or EU passport holder, and you’ll also be required to declare arrests, cautions, and convictions. And if you are an applicant that happens to have a medical condition, you’ll be required to provide a letter from your physician that will elaborately explain your current state of health.

Keeping these requirements in mind before applying for a VISA in any country, will a guarantee successful and stress-free application.


Entering a country will always require an application for a VISA, no matter what purpose a person may have in flying to a certain destination. This is why applying for the appropriate VISA type, especially when you plan to enter the UK, is extremely important.

There are three VISA types in the UK, and one being the “Visitor’s VISA”. If one is to tour the UK, or plans to go on a vacation, and maybe visit a relative in the country, this is the type of VISA he/she should acquire. This VISA is mainly required for those who plan to have short stays in the country. The Visitor’s VISA has a wide variety of options to accordingly choose from, depending on the purpose, or the reason for staying, e.g. Marriage Visitor VISA, Family Visitor VISA, Business Visitor VISA, Child Visitor VISA, etc.

The second type of VISA is the “Worker’s VISA”, a VISA that is required for the employed expatriates of the UK. And applying for this type of VISA requires a job beforehand, and applications normally take three weeks to a month. Also, there are other different types of Worker’s VISA in the UK, e.g. the Exceptional Talent VISA, the Minister of Religion VISA, the Sportsperson VISA, etc.

The third category being the “Student’s VISA”, and there are two types of Student’s VISA. Students between the ages of 4 to 17 years of age are required to apply for a Tier 4 Student (Child) VISA. Meanwhile, students that are over the age of 17 are required to apply for the Tier 4 Student (Adult) VISA; this allows them to study in UK’s world-class colleges and universities. Qualifying for this type of VISA requires an offer of enrollment from a licensed education provider that’s already confirmed, and proof that the applicant will be able to pay for their accommodation, and shoulder any fees from the designated institute.