Choosing where to live in London



The London Boroughs are world famous and notably one of the most expensive areas in the world for real estate. There are plenty of neighbourhoods in the city and expatriates will not run out of a workable environment for them.

International assignees wanting a contemporary living, shabby chic or village life have tonnes of choices when they relocate in London. Take note of the different vibrant personalities that these neighbourhoods offer for expats in the city.



  • Expat assignees are to find the most fashionable residential properties in Belgravia. The neighbourhood is famous for having some of the country’s richest residents. The area can also be considered as a peaceful one, and nightlife is alive and can be explored at the Sloane Square. The area may not be appealing for millennials, but it still preserves its classic architecture.

Camden Town

  • Expat music lovers would love to stay at Camden Town as it is London’s underground music scene. Britpop was discovered at the area and continuously, it produces many new bands and musical options. The neighbourhood is also vibrant with open space fashion and shopping areas, and wonderful theatres and zoo.

Earls Court

  • For expat assignees looking for short term accommodations, Earls Court is the right place to be. Since the 1990s, many backpackers head on to the neighbourhood as it is fond of temporary hostels and cheap hotels. Foreign nationals who love to go to concerts would also know that the Earls Court Exhibition Centre was a popular performing stage for known artists like U2, Justin Timberlake and Madonna.


  • The area is surrounded by some of the lavish and grandiose neighbourhood in London such as Bloomsbury, Marylebone and Soho. Expatriates who would love to find peace during their stay in London prefer to stay here. Shopping is also a thing in Fitzrovia and expats may visit the Tottenham Court Road.


  • The neighbourhood of Kensington is by far one of the most expensive around London. It is home to multi-million properties, and the prices of real estate here are sky high, particularly those at the Kensington High Street. Most of the tourist destinations, parks, and museums in London are found here.