Culture Shock in the United Kingdom


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It is natural for cultural differences to become a challenge when one moves to another country. For an expat in the UK, this may be easier to manage.

Locals are very affectionate by nature, as shown by their fondness for terms of endearment. An expatriate in the UK must not be surprised to be called dear or mate, even by a stranger. One may also see couples kissing each other in public. While this may be taboo for most Asian cultures, Europeans are generally comfortable with it. 

Being affectionate among locals doesn't mean, however, that basic courtesies will not be expected. Saying "please" or "thank you" is standard for asking for a favor and showing gratitude for a favor done. Locals are very particular about this and expats who don't give their courtesies may be frowned upon. 

Moving to the UK allows expats to experience its rich culture for which it is famous. Many UK citizens hold high respect for royalty and can sometimes be superstitious, especially the older generations. For example, some people may conduct "well-dressing" as a custom to express gratitude for the supply of water throughout the country. 

With a willingness to adapt to the culture of any county where one relocates, cultural differences will be a minor issue. The same is true for expats living in the UK.


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