Daily Transportation in London



Driving around the city, and knowing your routes and shortcuts in a city, particularly in London, can be both difficult and challenging. But in every city or country, there’s always the choice of public transport, a choice that can be both cost and time efficient.

Public Transport

In London, just like any other country or city, buses are the staple pick for people. It is also a top pick for expats moving to London. The bus does not accept cash on boarding, and it uses a card system called the “Oyster Card” or the “Travel Card”, a card system that can be recharged from time to time. The card can also be used on the “London Underground”, the city’s metro system. And even though there are some different bus companies, the fares and the ticketing system of the buses and trains in London are managed by the government, and yes, most of these buses roam around their routes 24/7. 

There’s also the London metro, and it is called “The London Underground”. It is probably the fastest way to go around and traverse through the city, most of the times faster than most taxis. Costs of using the Underground can be reduced with the use of the “Oyster Card”, and is probably the most efficient of all payment choices because single trip passes are heavily penalised by the government. 


If all else fails, there’s still the option of driving on your comfort around the city, and when you think of it, getting around the city is an easy task if a lot of effort and focus is put in the process. Always wear seatbelts and remind passengers to do the same. If kids are on board, the car should have child car seats or appropriate restraints.

You can use your non-UK licence in London for up to 12 months from the time of your last entry into the country. Moreover, don’t forget to secure auto insurance for third-party liability.

Car rentals are a commonplace in the UK, especially in London, so travellers that are planning to drive on their own in the city should be prepared for car rental fees unless they have a vehicle of their own. These car rentals are mostly around the international air hubs of Heathrow, which lies to the north of Essex.

Avoiding rush hours has always been a part of everybody’s day, even people of high social status cannot avoid instances where they’d be awfully congested in traffic. Avoid evening rush hours by travelling between 4:30pm to 7:30pm, and morning congestion by travelling between 6:30am to 9:00am.