Education System in the United Kingdom


The education system in the UK can be quite complicated as each of the countries in the United Kingdom are given jurisdiction over the education in their area. That means Scotland, Wales, England, and Northern Ireland each have their own separate education system

For Wales, the primary difference would be the language as most local schools in Wales still use Welsh as the primary language of instruction. England, Wales, and Northern Ireland impose the National Curriculum, while Scotland uses the curriculum for excellence programme. The United Kingdom houses a few of the best universities in the world such as Oxford University, University of Cambridge, University College of London, and University of Edinburgh to name a few. 

Types of Education 

People of different ages, interests, aspirations and social status, would also require a wide variety of education. In London, there are state schools, and every children and teenager in UK that are aged 5-16 are entitled to free education in state schools, and a vast majority of children in the UK attend this type of school. These institutes can be either financed and supported by the government or a local education authority. 

The UK also has Independent schools, and these schools are funded and supported by student fees. some of these schools are charities, and a large number of these institutes offer scholarships bursaries, and almost 3000 of these schools exist in the UK, educating 600,000+ students. 

Another type of schooling is the Home Schooling, and this type of education is genuinely popular not only in London, but also in the entirety of the UK. Children ranging from 3-15 years old are educated at home by tutors, or by their parents. There’s also a charity in UK that support this type of education, and the charity is called “Education Otherwise”.