Emergency Numbers in the United Kingdom


Emergency Numbers


Owing to its world-class emergency response facilities and highly trained emergency teams, getting help is never a problem in the UK.

For all types of emergencies needing police, medical or fire assistance, one may dial 112 from any telephone. Expats who have hearing or speech problems may send an SMS to 999. These numbers work anywhere in the European Union, including the UK. 

For emergency adult social care, a specific number to call is 01323 636399 while for children's services, the help line is 01273 335905/6. To report a crime or call for assistance during a crime, one may call 0800 555 111. For electricity emergencies, the number to dial is 0800 783 8866 while for gas leaks and other related problems, call 0800 111 99. To get flood alerts dial 0845 988 1188. 

Anyone in a medical emergency where there seems to be no access to a telephone or mobile phone can ask someone to bring them to the nearest A and E (Accident and Emergency) facility. Regardless of financial status, nationality or availability of insurance, anybody who comes for help will be accommodated. 

Keeping these emergency numbers at hand can save lives, especially for expats who may not have many friends or relatives to call. It's best to dial the appropriate emergency number directly so emergency care can be promptly accorded.


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