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A good way to start searching for these institutes is through their websites, and these websites contain the various information of the school, and some sites can also provide the school’s entrance exams and a list of requirements. These sites generally contain the complete information needed to know the essentials about these schools.  

London, in particular, has amazing and exemplary international schools. These schools are well equipped and prepared for excellent service. International schools in London also have outstanding standards, and this is the reason why all of these institutes have their own entrance qualifications, and these qualifications usually require a mix of exams and coursework.

Also, all of these qualifications are highly regarded by universities and employers from all around the world, which is a great advantage for applicants for both jobs and universities. Students in these schools are given the freedom to choose their own curriculums; they can also filter their subjects and timings.

Along with their efficient curriculum and strict ways of qualifying students, are exceptionally articulate tutors and professors with supreme eloquence, that are sure to keep track and educate students in the best possible manner. 

There are many private and international schools in London that you can choose. These institutions are mostly preferred by expats who are only in the city for a short period and want their children to continue with the educational background from their home country. You can check the International Community School, which follows the International Baccalaureate Program (IB) in their curriculum and currently handles students from forty-five different nationalities.

London local schools are known for providing excellent facilities and high standard of education. Those expats who are staying in the city for an extended period choose to enrol their kids in these institutions because they will get more integrated with the local culture. One of the most prestigious local schools in the city is the University of London which was established in 1836.

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International School Fees

The below tables provide the different fees parents will have to face when inscribing their children to an international school. These tables aims at helping parents to make a comparison between international schools fees. The below prices concern 6th grade and are in GBP. You can find the description of compulsory fees below the tables.

Southbank International School

Annual tuition fees 25,410
Application  fees 200
Admission fees 1,300
Registration fees 25
Transports 2,190


TASIS The American School in England

tuition fees
Admission fees 6,309
Lunch Included


Blackheath High School

tuition fees
Registration fees 75


Broomwood Hall

tuition fees
Registration fees 100


  • Annual tuition fees : Annual main fee, concerning every student
  • Application fees : One time non refundable fee due upon application (the first year of the student in the school only)
  • Admission fees: One time non refundable fee due upon admission (the first year of the student in the school only)
  • Registration fees: Annual  fee due during the third semester to secure the reinscription
  • Capital fees: Annual fee which aims at sustaining buildings and material

All above fees are in GBP and concern 6th grade.

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Latest update : September 2016