Guide to Dental Care in the United Kingdom


Guide to Dental Care in the United Kingdom – ExpatFinder Articles


Dental care is prime in the United Kingdom, thanks to technologically advanced facilities and equipment, well-trained dentists, and usually warm and courteous dental staff.

To find a clinic with good service in one's locality, an expat can ask acquaintances, friends, neighbors or colleagues for recommendations. Dentists can also be found by using the yellow pages. 

Before setting a dental appointment, one has to consider choosing a private dentist or a public practitioner under the government's NHS or National Health Services program. Both will show equal expertise but differ in cost and duration of care per visit. Naturally, public dentists will have more patients to see and may not be able to spend as much time per patient as private practitioners. NHS dentists are required by government to abide by time restrictions in order to provide service to all who need it, but must not allow the restrictions to compromise the quality of treatment. Most private dentists charge much more than NHS-enlisted ones, although many providers offer private health insurance.

International health insurance may be honored, but an expat should check this first with the secretary before making an appointment. The patient also has to confirm the extent of coverage an insurance provider offers.  

There are dental associations in the UK that regulate dental practice including British Dental Association or BDA, and British Dental Health Foundation.


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