Having a Baby in the United Kingdom



Healthcare is generally a non-issue for expat mothers in the UK where some of the best hospitals and medical practitioners in the world collaborate to bring first-class service to residents, expats and even tourists.

The National Health Service even provides free maternal services, unless the woman prefers to take out a private health insurance. 

General practitioners or GP's are usually responsible for giving prenatal care while midwives or obstetricians will be taking charge of the actual delivery or birthing process. 

Depending on the medical condition of the mother and her child, she may choose an alternative birthing method such as water birth, hypno birth or homeopathic birth, but she and her baby will have to be assessed by the GP and be cleared of possible health complications. A woman may choose to give birth at home but this will largely depend on her health condition as well. 

International health insurance in the UK may apply depending on the hospital or clinic. Children born of an expat mother in UK will not acquire dual citizenship by birth but may become citizens by naturalization if one of their parents is a national of the country.


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