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Public services when it comes to health and protection in London is top-notch. The NHS can cover all citizens and foreigners who live in the city. Even tourists can get assistance through the NHS for free, however, depending on the location and particular clinic, there can be quite a queue for services. 

London has one of the largest and oldest insurance industry in the world which means that you will be dealing with the most experienced insurers in the global market. There are many options to choose from, but your ultimate goal is to find the best insurance and provider that'll help you live a secured life. Read the next few paragraphs that’ll guide you on how to get and use the different types of protection that are available to your new destination.

Importance of Insurance

Smoking has always been a major health risk among people in London. It causes respiratory diseases such as lung cancer and asthma. In 2014, the Health and Social Care Information Centre released statistics that shows 5.1% of the city’s population are smokers. It doesn’t just endanger their health but also those around them because of 2nd hand smoke inhalation. It is of utmost importance that you get proper health insurance regardless if you are using tobacco or not. Spending time around smokers can also severely affect you. Having a medical policy can cover emergency and health care services that’ll help prevent you from being prone to sickness.

Getting Private Insurance

The most basic type of insurance for expats covers medical needs and health care. The sponsor or employer usually provides it as part of the relocation package to London. If you already have this benefit from your company but still needs a more comprehensive one for you or your dependents, you can ask the HR office or colleagues if they can give you any referrals. Other expats’ feedback and experience about a particular company can help you in weighing your options.

There are many providers in the city to choose from such as BUPA Global (with head office based in Brighton) that offers international health plans for expats in different countries. You can also secure your home, auto and even your pet by getting policies from companies like AVIVA, who provides a wide selection of coverage for life and non-life products.

You also need to ensure that the provider you are transacting with has accreditation from the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA also protects the rights of all policyholders against any violation and unlawful act conducted by their insurance providers.

Local Insurance 

London’s insurance sector makes up 21% of its economy. The city’s infamous business district is also the headquarters of foreign and local companies whose specialities lie in the insurance and reinsurance business. Currently, the market is divided into three large associations: International Underwriting Association (IUA), Lloyd’s Market Association and London and International Broker’s Association. These organisations are all under the umbrella of London Market Group (LMG) who oversees and promotes actions that’ll help improve London’s highly competitive insurance industry.

Vehicle insurance is mandatory in London and across the United Kingdom. The minimum type of coverage that is required by law is the third party liability. It will give you coverage for injury or damage to another person, property, vehicle and animal that are involved in the accident. TPL doesn’t cover any repairs or damage to your car and it's suggested that you get auto insurance from a local provider since your existing policy may not apply in London.

The city is composed of many companies who are constantly innovating to provide rock solid protection to locals and expats alike. Aside from the many prominent national providers, you should also consider getting international insurance. Multinational companies offer plans that suit your lifestyle as a foreign worker abroad and can cover your health or assets anywhere you are in the world.



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