Renting a House in London



The city of London is truly a beautiful place to live in, but its beauty comes with a price. And it cannot be denied that this city has one of the most expensive accommodations and housing rentals, and in London, rental fees may vary with location choices, the size, and the width of the area.

Fees for renting

In East London, a one-bedroom flat has an average cost of £650 - £750 a month, which is on par with the Northern prices. The best choice would be the Southern part of London, and one-bedroom flats within this area only average £600 - £700 monthly. The highest priced flats in the city are in the Western part of London, with an average of £700 - £800 monthly for a flat with one bedroom.

Some of the fees that expats may be asked by landlords would include:

  • Holding deposit for reservation before tenancy agreement signing
  • Payment for credit checks
  • Administrative costs including postage and phone call fees
  • Allowance for making an inventory of the property

Types of housing

  • Flats

Many of the expats under student abroad programs prefer to stay in flats which are technically a house separated into small flats to accommodate for many people.

  • Detached Homes

Most of the detached homes are found in Central London and would normally range from old ones to new. It basically looks like a normal home with an inclusion of more bedrooms and even a garden.

  • Mews Houses

Expat assignees must know that Mews Homes used to be a place where caretakers live. Most of it are fancy, but there are no gardens here.

  • Mansions Blocks

Mansion blocks are very common especially at the West End of London and even in other larger cities. There is also a limited number of residents who are very lucky to get access to rent-controlled leases.



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