Team-building Tours in London



Going around London's tourist spots can be a cliché for relocating expats. Adding team-building activities can add more spice to your usual London visit. Find out the latest team-building activities in London. 

London is best known for class, style and the old UK charm. Too many sights to see and activities to line up in your good ole’ tour agenda. But there is an activity that might add more action – literally – to your agenda: teambuilding! Especially when expats travel in large groups, it is twice as fun to have team building activities while visiting the City. These activities promote unity in the group and being productive at the same time. 

There are numerous types of team building activities your tour group or family can have while going through London:

The Christmas-themed Team Building

This London-based team building guarantees more fun and learning than a drink of bubbly. These festive type of team building include fun activities such as Chocolate Factory Challenge (allows the team to effectively create Christmas sweets packed into holiday wraps perfect for Christmas gift-giving), Treasure Hunt (puzzles with clues dropped in strategic places across London under the festive Christmas lights), Toy Factory and much more. 

The Black Cab Chase

This is a fun activity where you and your tour-mates navigate through London streets solving clues and completing circuits.

The London Skyline Team Machine

This energy-packed activity makes your tour group re-create famous London landmarks and work together with other groups to achieve a bigger picture. This activity is great for corporate groups on tour. 

Lights, Camera, Action!

A fun-filled and creative activity that makes the team use historic buildings in London as a backdrop while creating films and stories through pictures captured.