Vaccinations in the United Kingdom




Although there are no major health risks in UK, expats are better off taking a step ahead in terms of prevention. Before leaving for the UK, there are recommended (though not required) vaccinations to be obtained.

These include routine shots for MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) which should come in two doses for those born after 1956 unless previously given; tetanus-diphtheria which should be updated every 10 years from the first shot; and influenza, most especially for those traveling in the colder months. Mumps and measles are common diseases among schoolchildren and university students, raising awareness that vaccinations are not only necessary for small children. 

For pregnant travelers, vaccinations will not be administered, but it is extremely important to consult a travel medicine specialist before flying to the UK so appropriate health precautions may be taken.  

As health risks change from time to time, it remains important to consult a travel doctor for all travelers. Required vaccinations may also vary from area to area and, to be sure nobody is missing any recommended vaccines, it is best to seek professional advice. Those who are moving with children are highly recommended to see a travel doctor as children as are more prone to contracting diseases due their immature immune systems.