Visiting a Doctor in the UK


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The quality of medical care in UK is undeniably high, owing to its world-class facilities and medical human resources.

But to maximize benefits from this highly efficient system, it is important for expats to be aware of what may be different from the facilities in their home countries.    

To know where to find a good doctor in one's locality, referrals from friends, colleagues or neighbors are still the best way to do it. Usually, patients should be registered with a GP (General Practitioner) first who will make an initial assessment before they are recommended to a specialist, unless this is not required. Referral to a specialist will depend on the severity of the patient's medical condition and whether or not the GP is licensed to administer the required treatment.  

Residents in the UK can obtain quality healthcare at an affordable cost once membership to the National Health Services (NHS) has been granted. This is the public health insurance in the UK where hospital costs and services are free, and prescriptions and test fees are subsidized. Even an expat could take advantage of the system if he has a work permit or has settled in the country for a year or more.

In the event that someone is not eligible for NHS, obtaining private health insurance in the UK or international health insurance is strongly advised.  

Providing the core medical services are licensed doctors in the UK who are automatically members of the British Medical Association. 


Photo: World Bank Photo Collection