1 August 2016

Kosha Engler - Expat in London, The United Kingdom

Kosha Engler - Expat in London, The United Kingdom

Q: Where are you originally from?
A: Cockeysville, Maryland

Q: In which city are you currently residing?
A: London

Q: What do you do in your new city?
A: I work as an actress and voice over artist. I’m also a mom to a two-year-old boy and expecting another baby in October 2013. On weekdays I’m often in Soho at VO sessions, auditioning or filming something. This year I’ve traveled to studios in Shepperton, Teddington and Maidenhead to do motion capture for video games. On the weekends I hang out with my husband, son and friends at home in Queens Park (northwest). I also love seeing theatre whenever I can.

Q: How is the quality of life in your new city in comparison to that of your home city?
A: Generally it’s higher and there’s always something interesting to do. There’s amazing culture, food, shopping, extensive public transport and we live in a nice neighborhood. London is also wonderfully located for easy travel to the rest of Europe and Northern Africa. The downside is the abundance of cold, cloud and rain, pollution and a lot of people crammed into small spaces. I miss the access to big open spaces in the states.

Q: How would you rate the healthcare system in which you are currently enrolled?
A: Very high. The NHS is an amazing thing and has saved my family a fortune.

Q: How does the cost of living compare to that of your home city?
A: It’s much more expensive, but I’m earning more so it evens out.

Q: Did you use a relocation company to help you with your move?
A: I used an international mover but organized everything else myself.

Q: How easy or difficult was the relocation process?
A: The physical move wasn’t that bad since I was recently out of university, didn’t own that much and had no children. My then boyfriend (now husband) already lived in London. The hardest part was getting a visa and the admin of starting out in a new city – new bank account, new phone, new dentist, doctor, accountant, enrolling in National Insurance and NHS, paying US and UK taxes, and of course moving my career over here. I couldn’t work at first, and when I could I had to make all new contacts and start from scratch.

Q: Did you move here with any family members?
A: No

Q: What is your favourite mobile app which you use to aid you in your expat life? 

A: The ones I use most are public transport apps like London Tube Deluxe, UK Train Times and London Bus Live Countdown. Other favs are FaceTime, Google Maps, Vouchercloud and ShopStyle. I also have lots of games for tube journeys - current fav is the crazily addictive Chip Chain.

Q: What is one piece of advice you’d like to offer a new expat in your new city?
A: A new city can feel very lonely, especially if you’re from another country. You can feel isolated and different from everyone else. So do everything you can to make London feel like home, like your community: be social and make friends through work or other social activities, meet other Americans who have had similar experiences, and join groups with similar interests. Dive in.