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Most people living in the United Kingdom prefer to live in their own homes, those living in rental properties account for only around 10 percent of the population. Finding a place to rent in Britain can therefore be difficult and expensive. This is especially the case with apartments that are fully furnished or partly furnished.


The highest rental prices on average can be found in the capital city of London and the southeast part of England. However the rent tends to be more inexpensive in other areas such as Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the north part of England. Often, a landlord will meet with the prospective tenants before signing a tenancy agreement. It can be especially hard to find rental accommodation at the end of summer, with many students returning to school, because they are the largest group of renters who take up all the available properties.


Most rental contracts last for a year, and state that the landlord cannot raise the rent during this time frame. Water bills are customarily included as part of the rent, while other bills, like gas or electricity, must be paid by the tenant separately. Proprietors will normally ask the tenant to pay the amount of a month’s rent to hold as a damage deposit.

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