Multi Trip Travel Insurance in United Kingdom

The United Kingdom boasts of a very low mortality rate, with only 5 reported deaths for every 1000 residents within the last year. It is best not to take the quality of care for granted, however, and to come prepared with travel insurance multi trip in the United Kingdom to assist you should you become ill or injured while traveling. Travel multi trip health insurance is a specific type of health insurance policy which may insure you over the duration of several vacations without forcing you to buy individual insurance for each. Joining travel multi trip insurance can save you a lot of money compared to getting each on its own, so get in contact with our insurance specialist partners on this page to request a free quote on your chosen plan.


International Medical Group has proven to be a true standout in the travel industry, with its competitive multi-trip travel insurance plans protecting expats in UK and other parts of the globe. These plans' success is significantly driven by IMG's service centers that are strategically distributed around the world, providing 24-hour access to services for its international clientele.

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When seeking protection overseas, UK expats should look for insurance that is created for this specific purpose. MultiNational Underwriters, with its Atlas Professional plans, offers superior advantage through various features, such as online convenience. Payment of premiums, adjustments in levels of cover and interactions with customer care specialists are all possible online with MNU.

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