International School Advisory in United States

As a country with many expatriates, and as a country composed of many megalopolis, such as Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and even more, the United States of America has lots of international schools. But because they are all really different, especially concerning the scholarship price, hiring an international school advisory in the United States of America can be a good solution to save up money.

After moving, expat parents are normally concerned about their children adjusting to a new school and a totally new culture. To ensure that the transition is kept smooth and pleasant, School Choice International helps by providing school placement assistance. For the last 17 years, SCI has helped at least 13,500 families moving to the US and worldwide through professional consultancy services.

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Many people dream of moving overseas, but moving with kids requires a more serious and realistic approach to the possibility. This is very true when it comes to finding a suitable school and learning the local educational culture. An advisory service that can help expats find suitable schools for their children in the US is the Good Schools Guide International, which is run by other expats with the help of educators and parents, all of whom have personal, direct experience with schools in the country.

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