Allergies in the USA



They choose no set place or time and attack anyone, without deference to age and sex. It affects about 54.6% of Americans. The perpetrator: Allergies.

Facts And Figures  

It is best to make sure that your international health insurance in the USA will cover treatments for these attacks just in case. 

One of the most common allergens in the USA is pollen. These are especially common in towns that are near forested areas. These pollen particles can cause hay fever, and affect about 35 million Americans yearly.

This might be surprising to you, but another common allergy in the country is caused by our feline friends, cats. Aside from their fur, the protein in the cat's saliva, urine, and their blood can cause allergic reactions. 

Dust mites are also common allergy perpetrators. This is caused by the feces of microscopic mites who thrive in the dust. As dust can accumulate anywhere and at any time, dust allergies are almost unavoidable. This can cause allergic rhinitis, which affects about 30% of American adults and about 40% of children. 

Although less common than the allergies mentioned above, food allergies can also be experienced in the USA. With the country's multi-cultural offerings of the world's most delicious dishes, one can't help but be tempted to taste just about everything. The variety of ingredients opens one to a host of food allergies. Most common allergens are milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy, and wheat products. 

Although most allergies can be controlled by over the counter products, you may still want to check with your private health insurance in the USA if treatment for allergy attacks are covered by your plan.

In the case of emergencies, it is important to find an ER as quickly as possible, and for those who know they are very sensitive to keep anti-allergenics handy.