Cost of Living in the US



The United States is no doubt one of the premiere destinations for anyone seeking a new home in a new country. Its economy is first-ranked, making it perfect for building a career and a bright future.

In the city areas, diversification of properties paved the way for the renovation of old buildings into apartments, houses and modern high-rise apartments, all of which can cost anything from $200 to $5,000 a month.  

In general, life in the bigger cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston and New York will naturally cost higher than those in the southern central portions of the country such as Jackson, Decatur, and Anniston, which are some of the cheapest to live in.  

According to the US' biggest mortgage financiers, housing prices declined towards 2010 due to job losses in the Midwest.

For newly arrived expats, renting an apartment is a good option. In the bigger cities, rates are between 1500 and 2500 euro per month while in the smaller localities, the amount decreases to 150 to 300 euro per month for smaller living spaces. 

"Most things like homes, cars, electrical goods, furniture, and petrol are much cheaper but things like food and clothing are about the same as the UK."- Caroline, Expat in Texas, USA

The US is an enormous market with cheap and ready-to-eat foods, and residents typically spend the equivalent of about 5-10 euro for daily consumption. Preparing food at home is usually a smarter, more cost-effective option. Expats who choose to live in agricultural states can save great amounts by sourcing raw food directly from farmers and meat vendors. 

The average cost of a middle-class family meal is around 6 - 10 euro while gourmet food from hotels and other first-rate restaurants can cost up to 300 - 500 euro. In general, food and drinks in the US are plenty and affordable, although imported items from Europe or Asia will naturally cost more. 

Expatriate families with schoolchildren must carefully weigh their options with regards to education. Private institutions may cost anywhere between $5000 and $35000 annually, although tuition fee rates don't necessarily reflect the quality of the education.  

"Prices of goods and groceries, in general, are approximately the same as in my country. Instead, housing, labor (such as house cleaning services and contractors) and health care can be extremely expensive in Silicon Valley. Health care, in particular, is free in Europe: a health insurance is compulsory in the USA and can be extremely costly. On the contrary, electricity, gasoline and gas are incredibly less expensive."- Nicoletta Giorgi, Expat in California, USA

One thing expats will appreciate about the bigger cities in the US is the affordability of clothing and accessories, even in the glamorous shopping districts of New York City and Los Angeles. There are garage sales, discount shops and flea markets everywhere.  

As one of the world's richest and most powerful nations, the US is an attractive prospect for many potential expats. The atmosphere of prosperity and technological superiority are two things that make this nation a honey pot for non-locals seeking the better life that the US promises. While visas may take longer to get approved in the US than any other country, successful expats say the long wait is always well worth it.



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