Culture Shock in the USA



Many who have plans of moving to the USA believe that the country's multi-cultural background, myriad employment opportunities, and open-minded culture make it the ultimate expat destination. 

However, expatriates already living in the USA can attest that adjusting to the many facets of life in the United States is not that easy. The land of the free is a land of different cultures being practiced all the same time.

There are certain customs, traditions, and traits that bind Americans culturally. One would notice that Americans are friendly. It is not uncommon for them to greet strangers and even strike a conversation with them, anytime, and anywhere. It is polite that you give just a simple acknowledgment.

"The local culture is very focused on ocean-related activities: fishing, boating, the beach. South Florida is full of people who have moved here from somewhere else. It is rare to find a native Floridian. This breeds a community feel of people helping each other, as family would." - Tove Maren Stakkestad, Expat in Florida

Their genuine warmth is also seen in their preference for informality. It is not unusual for Americans to address colleagues, superiors, and even their elders by their first names. So do not be taken aback if you are addressed informally by an American, especially if that person's younger than you. He means no disrespect, rather, it's just part of his culture.  

An expat in the USA can also attest how Americans are a hardworking race. Their economic success is owed mainly to the people's drive to achieve their goals or maintain a good life. They work long hours and thus value their time. Americans observe punctuality and expect it from people around them as well. 

Americans, despite their love for freedom and liberal views, are also very family oriented and have a love for celebrations with them. Expatriates in the USA would notice that most of the country's major national holidays like July 4th (Independence Day), Christmas, and Thanksgiving are filled with traditions that involve family. 



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