Education System in the United States



The educational structure in the US is quite simple in all of its aspects and attributes. The American educational system has a wide array of choices for different students from around the globe.

There are many choices of schools in the USA in the private and public sector. There are also lots of programs and different curriculums offered in different types of schools. Expatriate assignees must know that the usual option for many students here is public schooling but those who are financially capable may prefer better choices.

Expat parents planning to send their kids to school in the US must make sure to take a tour at the campus first with the assistance of the principal. This is well recommended as it would help parents gauge whether they like the particular institution for their children. 

Public School System

Public schools in the US may be free for all, but it faces some critical challenges such as underfunding and high dropout rates. Aside from free education, free meals are also given out to students here. Expats wanting to immerse their children in the American culture may consider sending them to public schools. 

Magnet Schools

These are specifically crafted for gifted children. The curriculum in Magnet schools is carefully designed for children with unique talents. 

Charter Schools

These are non-profit educational institutions which were usually established by either teachers or parents. Compared to public schools, it is rarer for these to be funded by the state. But, regarding the curriculum presented, charter schools follow the same one with the public school system but is more focused.