Emergency Numbers in the USA



However, emergency situations can become unnerving, and often, we panic and don't know what to do next.

This is when emergency numbers are necessary. One push on the speed dial and one can immediately get in touch with the proper authorities who can give us the necessary assistance.

Thankfully, the US has a central emergency number, 911, for any medical emergency, police or fireman assistance. You can dial this number from any phone free of charge. 

The key to handling medical emergencies is to, first and foremost, be calm and make sure to have a phone, whether a landline or mobile phone within reach. When you make the phone call to 911, be specific as to your current location and the situation at the time of your call

The 911 operator will need specific information at all times, and will normally respond in English. Should you need a translator, or someone else wo speaks your language, make sure to make, it known right away, to avoid any delays in receiving your emergency services.  

The medical team is fast, efficient, and competent, so you do not have anything to worry about. 

If you find that you are still capable to go to the nearest emergency room without the need for an ambulance, then you may go straight to the nearest hospital. Be aware that out of pocket payments may be necessary even in emergency cases, so be prepared. Make sure to also clarify with your health insurance provider if these are covered under your health plan.

Most cities also have non-emergency numbers if you need assistance with something non-threatening. For these, it is wise to check the local yellow pages or the city's web page.