Having a Baby in the USA



Having a baby is a big milestone in woman’s life. But, so is moving to a new country.

Both events happening at once can be overwhelming, with all the changes, adjustments, and risks attached to them. However, if you do find yourself in the situation, there are steps to take to ensure it is a cause for celebration rather than nervousness.

The first step that an ‘expecting expatriate' would have to do, before she even gets her protruding tummy on that plane, is to ensure that she has medical coverage through an international health insurance provider in USA. 

The country experiences about four million births each year, with most births in the USA happening in hospitals. Home births are highly uncommon and are not recommended, especially for those with complicated pregnancies or conditions. 

Hospital births ensure that a mother receives adequate medical care, and that the newborn also gets appropriate care and handling in the first hours of life. 

Support measures for new mothers are also available in American hospitals. It is important to acknowledge how important a support team is, especially for a new mother. 

Obstetricians are the primary care providers, with obstetric nurses assisting in labor and postnatal support. Midwifery care is also available for those who prefer such, and is actually more cost-efficient. 

Expatriates would have to be ready with some comprehensive private health insurance in the USA. The costs of having a baby and giving birth in the country are not that easy on the pocket. 

Based on a recent study by the March of Dimes, the average cost of a vaginal birth in the USA is around 8,800 USD while a cesarean birth would cost around 11,000 USD. These costs can go higher for more complicated births or pregnancies.