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As an expat, having insurance is no longer considered as a luxury but rather as a need. Is the same level of cover as you had back home going to be matched by your hiring university or company in Boston? It is crucial that you include insurance in the early stages of planning to ensure that you and your finances will be protected once you arrive at your new host destination. Aside from the basic health coverage from your employer, you can also get other types of plans in Boston. Let us give you some tips on how you can get and use insurance in the famous Bean City of the United States.

Getting Insurance

There are more than 500 insurers and Boston which consist of both local and foreign companies as well as several brokers. For example, Safety Insurane Co., the city’s leading local provider of life, home and auto coverage. But check first with your new colleagues or HR department if they have any recommendation or preferential rates.

The insurance sector in Boston is under the supervision of the Division of Insurance of the state of Massachusetts. It is highly important that the company you are choosing bears a license from this agency which will prove that they are legitimate. The Division of Insurance also handles all issues and complaints of all policy holders in the city.

Once you have scheduled an appointment with an agent, feel free to ask all your questions and every detail about your desired type of policy. Adequate knowledge about your insurance is the key to making the most out of your investment and will also serve as your guidelines when filing claims in the future.

Importance of Insurance

Boston faces a recently discovered health risk that is caused by microscopic metals, air pollution and harmful chemicals that are being emitted by vehicles. According to a public research lab in Somerville, those who live or spend a lot of time in Interstate 93, Massachusetts Turnpike and any busy roads have high chances of suffering from stroke or heart attack. Choosing the area where you will live is important but having health insurance is also a must because it can cover your medical needs. Aside from accidents and emergency situations, your policy can also cover essential services such as regular check-ups and physical exams which play significant roles in securing a healthy physical condition.

Local Insurance in Boston

The local insurance market in Boston is considered to be prosperous and progressive. According to the Boston Globe, the sector is experiencing high sales because of the growing demand for the car, health and life insurance products that peak during the winter season where accidents are prevalent. People in Boston are well aware of the importance of insurance especially when it comes to hefty auto repair costs and medical bills that entail road related accidents; the reason why despite the recent rise in premiums, the Division of Insurance is still confident that the market will still experience significant growth.

As mentioned above, auto insurance is in demand in Boston because it is a mandatory requirement when registering a car. All drivers are required to have at least the third party liability insurance and Personal Injury Protection or PIP before they can register their vehicles. Your policy should also clearly state the names of all licensed drivers in your household who are related to you by marriage, blood, legal adoption and even those who have separate insurance.

Getting protection in Boston is not an issue because of the many companies in the market. Local providers are equally competitive as the foreign ones when it comes to securing your health and properties. As an expat, you should also consider getting international insurance since most work related assignments only last for a few years. Multinational companies can still cover you once you have left Boston; an important feature that’ll allow you to maximise your investment.



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