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When moving abroad, it is crucial that you have insurance since accidents, emergency situations and even basic medical services can be quite expensive. It is not always included in your expat package to the US. Having adequate protection for your health or properties while in Houston will give you the assurance that your needs and finances are well guarded. Read the next paragraphs that’ll show you how you can achieve and make the most out of your insurance in the Bayou City of Texas.

Getting Insurance

Expats who are looking for insurance in Houston will face no problems since there are many plans available in the local market. However, you still need to be cautious when it comes to choosing which company you're about to sign a contract with. They need to be accredited by the Texas Departmenf of Insurance (TDI), the state agency that is in charge in regulating the operation of all insurance providers in the city. Discuss with your Human Resources department first to understand what is included in the benefits package, should you be working onshore or offshore, there might be different covers. You might also want to look at add ons for more comprehensive coverage.

Two of the largest names in the market that you can check are Aetna who provides medical and dental coverage and Health Care Services Corporation (HCSC) , one of the largest life and health insurers in the United States. You also need to ask your employer if you have any medical coverage as part of your relocation package and your existing insurance provider if they can still cover you in your new destination.

Importance of Insurance

Air pollution is a primary health risk in Houston where cases of asthma and severe respiratory illnesses have been recorded. One major source of pollutants and toxins in the city are the vehicles, especially on the busy roads. Lyme disease is also prevalent and can cause arthritis or permanent heart damage so always wear insect repellent and be cautious when going to the bayou where there are many ticks.

It is important that you have adequate health insurance while in Houston to ensure that you’ll have access to essential medical services and emergency care in the time of need. It can also shield your finances from high hospital fees especially in private medical facilities where there are less patients and shorter queue.

Local Insurance in Houston

As the fourth most populated city in Texas, Houston is considered to have a significant contribution to the state’s high uninsured rate. But after the implementation of the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, the number of people who don’t have policies went down by 16.8 % and led to the rise of sales of medical coverage in Houston. Currently, Aetna and HCSC (Blue Cross Blue Shield) control 57% or more than half of Houston’s insurance market.

Houston is known to be the most expensive city in the Lone Star State and ranks 13th in the US when it comes to car insurance. Every vehicle should have liability insurance that will meet the minimum requirements of the Texas Financial Responsibility Law.  

There are many competitive local companies in the city, but most expats are only in the town for a few years. If you are not planning to live permanently in Houston, then it's best that you get a policy from a multinational company. International insurance is a good option for you since you can still utilise your plan and maximise your investment after leaving Houston.



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