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It takes more than wit and hard work to safeguard your future in the City of Angels. One important thing that you need to have is protection for your health and properties that’ll shield you finances from all the risks that lie ahead. Los Angeles has many different ways of providing insurance and here, you will find out how you can get one that’ll secure every aspect of your expat life.

Los Angeles County Department of Health Services recently advised the public to be very cautious about a mosquito-borne disease called St. Louis Encephalitis virus (SLE) which causes fever, paralysis and in worst cases, coma or death. Keeping your environment clean and insect repellents are helpful but nothing beats the peace of mind that health insurance brings. Aside from the fact that it will cover your emergency needs, your policy can also assist you financially in getting essential health care services that’ll significantly lower down your chances of being gravely ill.

Getting Private Insurance

California’s insurance industry is among the largest worldwide and you will find most of the companies situated in Los Angeles. There are many foreign and local providers to choose from but you have to make sure that you are only dealing with a company that is accredited by the California Department of Insurance. The agency also regulates the whole insurance sector and protects the rights of every policy holder.

Expats who are part of a work related relocation programme have medical insurance from their employers. However, this type of policy is the basic one and may not cover your dependents. You can get protection for your home and auto from non-life insurers like Mercury Insurance Group that’s been in the business since 1961. 

Local Insurance 

With its highly populous metropolitan, Los Angeles is no doubt a big contributor to California’s insurance market that has a value of more than $132 billion dollars. The home and auto insurance businesses are considered to be the significant role players since the city is prone to wild-fire which is a major threat to properties. Los Angeles is also expecting to see growth in health insurance sales after Obamacare took effect where the number of people who are lining up to be insured raised to 64%.

Auto insurance is compulsory in Los Angeles and anywhere in California. Every vehicle/driver should have the minimum liability insurance that’ll cover any damages or injuries that you have caused in an accident. Your policy should be able to meet the minimum amount standard for liability which is €13000 for injury or death to one person, €25000 for injury or death to more than one person and €4500 for any damage to property. Car insurance is best to be purchased locally. However, for health and other types of policies, you can strongly consider getting international insurance since their plans are more inclined to suit the needs and changing lifestyle of an expat.



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