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Relocating to a different country entails so many uncertainties and one of the best ways to live a worry free expat life is by protecting your health and properties. Your challenge will be to get the same level of cover that you had back home while you purchase a series of insurance products in the US (some will be offered by your employer).

Expats relocating to San Francisco will be pleased to know that the Californian insurance market is one of the largest in the nation. Start your journey towards security by reading the next paragraphs that contain tips on how you can get and use different types of insurance in the famous City by the Bay.

Importance of Insurance

Most of the common health risks in San Francisco are considered to be preventable illnesses. HIV, hepatitis b, environment pollution and lack of fitness activities are the leading risks for the people in the city. These types of sickness and threats can be avoided by proper precautionary measures and proper health care.

Having health insurance in The Bay City is extremely important since the cost of services in private hospitals can be very expensive. Some facilities even refuse non-emergency needs if you do not have coverage. Your policy will not just give you access to all medical services and health care programmes but can also save your finances from costly hospital bills. For expats, its best that you get international insurance since some assignments only last for a few years. By getting a policy from a multinational company, you’ll still get coverage even if you are outside San Francisco.

Getting Private Insurance

Employers or sponsors should be the first source of health insurance for expats. However, this medical coverage is usually the basic type and may not include any of your dependents. Expats relocating to San Francisco with their family or in need of coverage for their properties have many companies to choose from. But before signing any contract, discuss with your employer if they recommend any agent or have any preferential rates. Check first if the provider that you have selected has a license from the California Department of Insurance which will prove the legitimacy of their business.

San Francisco’s insurance market is composed of local and foreign insurers. There are two ways for you to get protection: search on your own or hire the service of an agency. Those who want an expert to help them out in getting the right provider can seek the service of brokers such as Wells Fargo, the city’s largest and most famous intermediary who connects potential clients with companies who can best suit their needs. You can also get free quotations and ideas about your chosen company through their websites. One of the most prominent names in San Francisco is United General Insurance who offers auto and home coverage. 

Local Insurance 

Since the tragic earthquake that shook San Francisco on April 18, 1906, insurance companies in the city have made a significant change in their policies. Today, most standard home and business plans do not cover risks or damages caused by an earthquake because of the tremendous amount of money it costs to the insurers. However, most policies still cover fire resulting from an earthquake which will still protect policyholders from the risks brought by this natural catastrophe.

The state of California strongly requires all vehicles to have proper auto insurance. If you are planning to use driving as your primary mode of transportation, then you should immediately get the mandatory liability insurance since it is one of the requirements when registering a care in San Francisco. You policy should include the bodily injury liability and property damage liability for your car to be allowed to drive in the city. San Francisco car insurance can be pricey so call a couple of providers first to compare rates so that you can find the best deal in town.

The infamous Golden Gate Bridge is just one of the few wonderful things that await you in San Francisco. Enjoy your new adventure by living with the peace of mind that you are well protected in all aspects of your life.


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