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The United States presents one of the most expensive yet top of the line insurance offering in the world. The healthcare cost inflation has brought all private premiums to sky high pricings. However, it doesn’t mean that being secured is only for those who have high pay grade. With proper guidelines, any expat can get the right type of health care and protection while in the United States. Here is an overview of what this means for a relocating assignee.

Getting Insurance

There are two ways for you to get insurance while working in the US: from your employer and from a private provider. The most basic type of coverage for expats coming with a benefits package is outpatient health insurance from the company they’re working for.

"Having a general doctor is better than just going to walk-in clinics. I realized after the 1st year that I was overpaying going to the walk-in clinics."- Mariana P. Cardoso, Expat in the USA

Expats looking for private insurers in the United States will find themselves facing a vast variety of options. Choosing which company to get your policy depends on which state you live. Aetna is one of the largest international companies that provide insurance, investment and retirement plans to expats in the US. You can also consider Berkshire Hathaway, a local life insurance provider and currently the leading company in the market.

"If you are coming for work, your work insurance should cover you for most things. The key is to stay in-network for your treatments so you have no surprise. You must educate yourself on your plan and the different options available to you."- Sarah Waddington, Expat in Philadelphia, USA

Expats can get ideas and free quotation from the websites of these companies. Once you talk to a broker, see to it that you learn everything about your plan so that you won't have any issues when it comes to filing a claim.


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Importance of Insurance

According to the Insurance Information Institute and NWS (National Weather Service), floods, earthquake and hurricane are the most common and costly natural disasters in the United States. Expats can protect their homes and vehicles by making necessary precautions such as getting property insurance which will cover any repairs or replacements that need to be done.

Local Insurance in the US

The US insurance market prides itself for having the highest annual revenue across the world which exceeded the $1.2 trillion mark in 2011. Today, all insurance companies in the country are under the regulation of the Financial Stability Oversight Council or FSOC, a US federal government organisation that is in charge in monitoring the whole insurance industry and its potentials risks to the state or the clients.

Almost all 50 states will require vehicle insurance that will cover the risk of financial liability, loss of your vehicle, damage caused to other properties or auto involved in the collision and injury or death to a third party involved. Your car insurance company will provide you with a card which will serve as your proof of insurance and must be with you at all times when you are driving.

The United States, unlike other countries, has no universal public health care system, and most of the hospitals are privately owned. That is why citizens, foreign workers and permanent residents get coverage from private companies or organisations. Aside from the many local names in the industry, you should also consider getting international insurance not just for your health, but also for your other properties. These multinational companies can give you coverage anywhere you are and have policies that are designed for foreign nationals abroad.



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