Health Risks in the USA



Your move to the USA might be one of the most thrilling events in your life. However, learning about the risks involved beforehand is an important step to ensure you are prepared for any eventuality.

Although the country has one of the world's most competent medical facilities, the most advanced research organizations, and the best medical staff in the world, they are not immune from the many illnesses that plague the Western world.

This is why most foreign nationals who wish to expatriate to the country are very much advised to have international health insurance in the USA.

Many of the health risks in the US are lifestyle-related. Topping the lists of the country's major causes of death are diseases of the heart. These diseases account for about 28.5% of deaths in the country.

The most common heart disease in the USA is coronary artery disease caused by the building up of cholesterol deposits in the arteries, causing them to narrow over time.

Due to wide availability and almost limitless variety of food in the country, one can't help but give in to the tempting array of delicacies. The culture of ‘fast food' in the USA and this combined with the fast-paced life without exercise has also brought about an increase in the risk for heart disease.

Another health risks you may encounter in the US are diseases related to the respiratory system. This is especially common in big cities like New York and Los Angeles, mainly due to the pollution and the prevalence of smoking, although the recent public smoking bans have helped this.

The H1N1 virus that had recently plagued the US for months is still considered a health risk. 

Although there are lesser occurrences of this disease, the threat has not been completely eradicated. Take extra precautions, or better yet, get vaccinated for it. Check your private health insurance in the USA if this is covered by your plan.