Visiting the Doctor in the USA



Making the move to the land where Hollywood stars are made, powerful corporations are established, and the rich and famous thrive, is indeed an overwhelming experience.

Going to the doctor in this vast land can be a scary experience for one who is unacquainted with how things are handled. 

For one, having international health insurance in the USA is something that you would find helpful. Although a highly developed nation, the nation's public health care coverage benefits only about 27.8% of the population, and focuses mainly on the elderly, disabled, children, veterans, and the poor.

Two of the most popular public health care programs in the United States are Medicare and Medicaid. Medicare basically covers citizens and long-term legal residents who are 65 years and older, as well as the disabled. Medicaid on the other hand covers low-income people, including children and pregnant women. 

The rest of the nation is pretty much dependent on private health insurance. To be more specific, 59.3% of the population receives coverage through private health insurance providers.

Hospitals in the USA have some of the most competent medical staff, and the most advanced and state-of-the-art equipment in the Western world. 

Doctors in the USA are sought after all over the world, so it is not surprising to find expatriates, medical tourists, and celebrities lining up at their clinics or hospitals. 

All this good stuff on medical care comes with a hefty price tag, however. The cost of health insurance coverage may vary, and is dependent on the extent of the coverage. Ambulance services, for example, already cost about 1500 USD, and though this may be covered by your health plan, you may still find yourself having to pay something out of pocket one way or another.