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Life in Boston is far from quiet, but those who are motivated to relocate for career advancement will find this city one of the best yet in America. The capital of the state of Massachusetts boasts a steadily growing economy and an unemployment rate of 2.50% which is below the National Average of 4.7%.

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States that was founded in 1630. I grew to be an important centre for manufacturing, culture and education. In fact, Boston is highly regarded for its education sector that houses several leading universities and colleges that make it an international centre for higher educations. This city is also popular for finance and insurance particularly for the Boston-based Fidelity Investments which is one of the pioneers of mutual fund in the US. Though the so-called ‘Hub of the Universe’ is not yet as popular as the Big Apple and the City of Angels, expats bound here will not be disappointed because of the many work opportunities that await them. 

Career Opportunities in Boston 

The city of Boston is a home to a large number of information technology companies and is a stronghold for biotechnology research in America. Career opportunities abound in these fields and in a host of many other sectors, led by medical services which are actively pursuing qualified hospital and pharmaceutical staff. 

A career in real estate is also promising for newly relocated expatriates who don't only need properties for themselves, but also want to make a living selling such to the many other newly arrived expats. Information technology companies are actively hiring for various positions, as are marketing research companies for marketing jobs at all levels. The financial services sector is also a hotbed for expat job hunters seeking a career in financial advising or portfolio management. Universities in Boston have been hiring a great number of professors as well in the various academic disciplines. 

Average Wage and Work Hours

US-based companies generally pay well and the salary is usually one of the first considerations expats makes when taking up employment. Wages will, of course, vary. Boston is a big city; hence, workers are paid relatively big as well. The hourly minimum wage in the state of Massachusetts is USD 10 while the average monthly salary in Boston is USD 7,500.

Full-time work in Boston means 40 hours per week while part-time could be any number of hours up to 30. The worker has the option which one works best for him. The official workweek starts Mondays and ends Fridays, from 9 am until 6 pm. Usually, a one-hour lunch break and two fifteen minute breaks are taken by employees. Many Americans work longer than 40 hours and, thus, make more money.

Business Etiquette in Boston 

It is best to address business acquaintances by their titles such as "Dr.", "Ms." or "Mrs.", although Bostonians, as with other Americans, will almost instinctively ask to be called by their first names. Politeness is very important, but excessive politeness is something they might take with some suspicion. Giving gifts is strongly discouraged by most companies and privacy is always deemed sacred. 

As Americans always expect personal space even at work, they are also quick to give it to others. There are no hard and fast rules on corporate etiquette as each company varies in culture from the others. Hence, when meeting a business associate or showing up at an interview for the first time, researching the background of the person or company always goes a long way.  


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