Multi Trip Travel Insurance in United States

The United States has a good record concerning mortality rates, with just 8 recorded deaths per 1000 residents within the last year. Despite the good quality of health care in the country, many travelers who come without travel insurance multi trip in the United States end up having to pay thousands in medical fees when they unexpectedly fall ill.Travel multi trip cover is a specific sort of insurance option which may cover you throughout the duration of a set number of vacations without forcing you to purchase individual cover for each. Joining travel multi trip coverage will save you a good amount of money compared to getting all on their own, so get in contact with our insurance specialist partners here to request a no obligation quote on your most fitting plan.


International Medical Group offers multiple advantages to US expats who travel abroad more than once within a single year. IMG's multi-trip travel insurance benefits both individual and business plan holders in many ways, such as having the freedom to select a doctor and hospital for treatment, 24/7/365 medical emergency services, and reduced prices on medicines.

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US expats must be very thorough when purchasing insurance, given that their needs as international residents are unique. MultiNational Underwrites, via Atlas Professional plans, provides superior multi-trip protection with the aid advanced technology that makes client experience easier and more comfortable. With MNU, expats can check the status of their policies online, as well as change their levels of cover and even pay their premiums.

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