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Every year, many people move to the United States from other countries. It has become a little harder to do this since the attacks of the year 2001, however. People coming to the United States from most countries need to get a visa before they can legally enter. There are immigrant visas that allow the visa holder to live and work in the United States indefinitely, and non immigrant visas for temporary residence that are good from anywhere between 6 months and 5 years, which do not always allow work. Citizens of Canada, the UK, Bermuda and a few other countries are allowed to visit the US without a non-immigrant visa.


People with immigrant visas can apply for US citizenship after staying in the United States for a period of 5 years. There are now agencies in the United States that keep track of foreigners’ visas, such as ICE. Receiving a visa from an American consulate does not guarantee entry into the US. The United States uses tight measures to ensure that those with visas do not overstay, and anyone noted as a perceived security risk may be turned away by immigration officers. Those who do not comply with the terms of their visas, especially by working without authorization, can be sent out of the country or put in jail.

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